Spot on K9Positive influence, complete balance, total respect

Spot On K9 is the most reliable and well balanced dog training in San Diego.

Our goal at Spot On K9 is to create a "one-stop shop" for all your dog training needs. We offer programs from basic obedience to personal protection. We also address all forms of dog aggression. At Spot On K9 we are dedicated to providing you with the skills and knowledge it takes to transform your dog into the best companion they can be! Whether you just acquired a new puppy and wish to instill good habits early on or your dog has been a member of your family for awhile and has begun to demonstrate undesirable behaviors, contact us today to make your dog Spot On!
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At Spot On K9, we train dogs of all breeds and temperaments.

We believe by understanding the basic nature and instincts of the dog we can better deliver the type of training that is specific to their needs. Spot On K9 is experienced in working with the everyday dog to dogs who show extreme aggression. Local veterinarians and rescue organizations work with Spot On K9 referring clients with dogs in need of behavioral and specialty training. It is our experience that 75% of behavioral issues stem from how the dog is being handled. Our goal at Spot on K9 is to teach the owner how to properly handle and train their dog so they may have a truly outstanding relationship with their beloved canine!
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Frank Saputo, Owner and Master Trainer

Frank, born and raised in San Diego, began to love and train dogs as a small boy. As he grew, his interest and appreciation for dogs only increased when he witnessed his father train dogs. Before pursuing a career training, Frank experimented in other arenas including fire-fighting, construction, and sales. When Frank finally decided to go Pro he was trained and accredited in all aspects of dog training from basic obedience to all levels of protection and therapy. Frank started Spot On K9 in 2010 and his passion for dogs of all breeds and size grows deeper everyday. Frank's main goal is to educate his clients to fully understand the basic natures and instincts of their dog to create a truly outstanding relationship between the dog and it's owner.
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If you have questions or would like to set up an evaluation with one of our trainers, call (619) 920 6876 or visit our Contact Us page to submit your information and a Spot On K9 representative will contact you promptly.
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