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What our customers say about us...

"When we first contacted Spot On K9 we had two huge problems in the form of our two 100+ lb, 4yr old Alaskan Malamutes. While neither were terribly well behaved, and not very obedient, they were very loving and sweet dogs. Unfortunately, our male had become extremely aggressive towards other dogs to the point he had become dangerous to take outside the house. My wife wound up being bitten by him during one of his "frenzies" as he tried to get across the street at another dog who was being walked at the same time. After a trip to the emergency room, we realized we had come to the point where we had no control over either of them, and in 'Jacks' case it had become serious. We had contacted several other trainers, but we were not sold on any of them. We had even taken 'Jack' to one of the major Pet Store chains out of desperation and put him through their training program....... with little change in his behavior, and with no change in his aggression. What struck us about Frank, was that after a brief interview, he immediately wanted to see exactly what 'Jack' would do when faced with another dog. None of the other trainers we had met with had done that. They seemed more intent on selling us on what their training could do by demonstrating their own dogs obedience. Frank on the other hand, went for a first hand view of 'Jack' in full frenzy mode, which he quickly took control of and reassured us we could overcome this. We were sold.
After a few months of patience, hard work and training, we can't hardly believe they're the same dogs. All aspects of their behavior have improved, exceeding our expectations. We now make regular trips to the local parks and have no problem taking them to dog beach. Frank and his team delivered exactly what they said they would, and for that, both my wife and I as well as 'Cap'n Jack' and 'Bella Rose' thank them."

-Mark and Darlene Pittman

"Frank Saputo blew us away by taking our dominant, energetic German shepherd's leash and getting her to display full obedience with sit, stay, and heel at our first meeting! We were fostering the dog for Coastal GSR and did not know its history. After completing all the sessions -- that is, both Czarina (my dog) and we received training -- we decided to keep the dog ourselves. I absolutely trust Frank's training and advice. When he predicted that Czarina would be able to walk off leash, I swore it would never happen. Of course, he turned out to be right! He was always available for consultation and encouraged us in all our efforts. I recommend him to anyone who wants to make a bad dog good or a good dog better.

-Chris Iwasa

"I called Spot On K9 when I finally realized that my 120-pound Lab and Mastiff “puppy”, Brutus, was stronger than me and that he was running my life. I live downtown, where it is critical for a dog to be a good citizen, have manners, and act appropriately in a social setting with other dogs and people. I thought I could train Brutus on my own, but I was clearly out of my league with no formal background in animal behavior. The day that Brutus threw me into a fence trying to play with another dog, I knew I had to take action.
Frank had Brutus in control and minding his directions about 5 minutes into our initial assessment, before we had even agreed to start a training program. When we began the formal training, I was a little shocked, and then very appreciative, that the first lesson was heavily focused on how I need to handle my dog – how to hold the leash correctly, how to walk in a way that Brutus would follow, and how I need to act in order to give Brutus the confidence to relinquish his dominance and trust me as his leader. Throughout the training sessions, both Brutus and I had to work hard to understand each other better. We practiced all of our lessons every day, including our doggie sit-ups (20+ per day).
The first time that Brutus walked by my side at Ocean Beach for about ¼ mile, without leaving my side and without a leash, I was in utter amazement that this was the same dog with only 6 training sessions. Frank had taught us how to trust each other and how to communicate so that Brutus would know right from wrong, and so that he was happy to obey my commands. There is constant use of positive reinforcement by way of affection to get the training methods set, and Brutus responded instantly to the attention and love that he was earning. Six months after meeting Frank, Brutus is my best buddy, and a popular resident in our neighborhood, earning many random compliments from friends and strangers on his good behavior.
Frank’s talent with dogs is amazing to observe and experience as a customer. He is able to train the dog, and also teach the owner how to see life from a dog’s perspective. He is thorough in his lessons and in explaining WHY he uses specific methods. Frank is always there for extra phone calls or visits if we have questions, or if something isn’t working as expected. He has catered the training program to meet our specific needs – being able to live and walk all over downtown, play politely at the dog park, and sit at a sidewalk café. Beyond his canine talents, Frank is an honest businessman, always prompt for his appointments, and professional in his communications. And on top of being talented and responsible, he’s a downright nice guy. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Frank and I only hope to continue our lessons so that Brutus and I are always growing together."

-Michelle Luxton

"I can not even begin to say enough about Spot On K9's Dog Training and specifically about Frank Saputo the trainer I worked with. He has changed our family's life and dramatically improved my Jack Russell well being. When I contacted Frank I was at the end of my rope. My 10 year old Jack Russell was utterly miserable and his quality of life reached a point where I wondered if life was even worth living for him anymore. He had severe separation anxiety as well as aggression toward other dogs. He reached a point where everyday all he wanted to do was hide under covers, he shacked uncontrollably, he got to the point where he was afraid of almost everything and enjoyed almost nothing. Things got so bad my vet prescribed anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication. The medication didn't address the problem, only masked it.
I didn't think what Frank (the trainer) told me in the beginning would be possible to achieve. Not only was it dog thrived!! I understand my dog in a way that EVERY dog owner should. I know what to do when problems arise. I know how to be a leader which makes my dog feel safe. My dog is enjoying life again. He is not on any medication at all. If he ever feels fear, starts shaking, lashes out an another dog......I can immediately use the training to redirect his attention and change the behavior.
One thing is very clear. Frank Saputo knows dogs. Not only does he know and understand them, he is extremely passionate about it. It's not often these days you get to meet and work with someone who cares as much as he does. I recommend Spot On's Dog Training to anyone who has "dog issues"."

- Bren B.