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Behavior Modification

This program is designed for the "low maintenance" dog & owner. This program addresses minimal unwanted behavior. The behavior modification program includes teaching the dog to loosely walk on the leash, along with learning the five basic commands: Sit, Stay, Down, Heel & Come. This is a great training program for dogs who are basically obedient and the owner would like to address a few unwanted behaviors.

Basic Obedience Training (on leash)

This program is designed to address any & all unwanted behavior on leash, including (but not limited to) pulling on the leash, leash aggression, biting, nipping, jumping, dog aggression, and running away. Your dog will follow the 5 basic commands: sit, stay, down, heel and come as well as train them to maintain safe boundaries within their environment. Once you complete SOK9's basic obedience program, you and your dog will have a new relationship which will serve to enrich both your working and personal experience together!

Advanced Obedience Training (off leash)

This program is designed for the dog who is already reliable on leash, follows the 5 basic commands out of respect (no treats) and is "boundary" trained. This program teaches the dog to be 100% reliable off leash. The dog will follow all 5 commands (off leash) anytime, anywhere making you fully comfortable to have them with you. Once you complete SOK9's advanced off leash training program the relationship with your dog will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training

This program lives up to its name. This training is designed to teach the dog to stay away or "avoid" rattlesnakes! This program is ideal for dogs who hike, camp or reside on large properties where rattlesnakes are eminent. Your dog will be taught to avoid rattlesnakes by sight, sound and smell. This program will literally save your curious dog's life!

Assistance & Therapy Training

Some people consider their beloved canine a necessity to function in their every day life. Make your companion a therapy dog where you will be able to take them places the average dog cant go like (salons, airplanes, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.). Spot On K9 provides training and certification for assistance/therapy dogs. Bring the term "man's best friend" to another level!

Personal Protection & Corporate Security Dogs

Please contact business owner/master trainer Frank Saputo for further information regarding protection & security dog training. Visit our contact us page to contact a SOK9 representative to further assist you.

Trained Puppy Sales

This program is designed for the person or family who want a puppy but simply doesn't have the time to deal with the responsibilities that come with training/owning a new puppy. Spot On K9 will find a puppy for you and train it to make the transition into your home a stress free experience!